The beauty of these bags is their versatility.
A handbag from Falorni can tell a story about its owner. Falorni bags show that you have great taste, a subtle sense of style and, of course, a love of beauty.
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Falorni brand history

Falorni is a rather young brand of women’s bags, which successfully competes in popularity with brands whose history is measured in decades. The factory for tailoring women’s bags was founded in 1980. Falorni is one of a family run company with only 4 owners. The factory itself employs 26 people. Perhaps it is this cozy family business STYLE that has allowed us to create unique bags for more than 30 years.

The factory is located near Florence. The name of the brand comes from the name of the region. Every bag is thought out to the smallest detail, which is why the brand occupies a leading position in the global market.

Falorni's unique style

You won’t confuse Falorni bag with any other once you encounter it. Women’s accessories from this brand have some distinctive features by which they are always easy to recognize:

The shape – most models are frameless, which allows you to make the bag spacious, without turning it into household sack. Most often, these are rectangular and trapezoidal models, in which the handles are integral with entire handbag.
Fittings and decor – for the most part, Falorni accessories have a minimalistic, discreet finish and discreet fittings, which do not distract attention from the product itself.
Genuine leather of the highest quality is always used in the production of accessories.
Branded weaving is the key asset and distinction of Falorni bags from any others.